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Getting your own pool would really be a great thing for you can just take a swim and dive in the cold waters whenever you want to. This can also be a good way to de-stress yourself from work. Everyone loves to get a pool of their own because aside from giving you an easy access to fun and leisure, it also adds a cool and tranquil environment to your home especially if you add flowing water features to it. Pools can also add beauty to one’s yard apart from a good landscaping. But choosing a pool design and shape isn’t an easy decision to make. You need to look into many points before you can finally decide on what is right for your yard and what is suitable for your usage. So, to help you, we have here some tips on how to choose a pool design and shape. Here we go: 1. Keep in mind the available space.

How to Choose Pool Design and Shape 1

Look at your available lot area. If you think there is enough space for a pool, then go get one. Your available space can also tell you what shape and size of pool would be right for your area. This is the first thing that you need to consider before you even start checking out pool designs that you want. 2. Check your budget.

How to Choose Pool Design and Shape 2

As always, your budget needs to be considered. A bigger pool entails more expenses but a smaller one would mean you will also spend lesser. But you have to bear in mind that creating a pool for your home requires money. Be sure that you have already allocated an amount of money for it so that the work will be smooth sailing. Choose a pool design that suits your budget. 3. Consider the users.

How to Choose Pool Design and Shape 3

The users are important especially if there are kids. With kids around, you can make a separate pool for them or you can have a pool with different levels of depth so the kids can enjoy on the shallower part. Well, that still depends on the space you have for the pool. Other pool features will also depend on the users. 4. Review how you intend to use it.

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Are you a swimmer? If you are and you intend to practice your swimming skills at home, then a lap pool is right for you. But if you just want a pool for the family’s recreation, then you can choose a different type and style of pool. You can also add a spa if you want if you want to get more relaxation from it. 5. Consider landscape setting.

How to Choose Pool Design and Shape 5

You also need to consider your landscape setting. Let your pool design complement with it. This is the case if your landscaping were fixed first before you had your pool. But if your pool is designed first before the landscaping, then you will have more freedom to decide on the design of the pool. Whatever comes first, make sure that the landscape and the pool will jive well together. 6. Allocate space around the pool.

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It doesn’t meant that just because you want a pool that you will use all of the space as a pool. There needs to be space around the pool so people can go around it. Traffic has to be considered on how people will use it. Also, design according to the pool’s usage especially if you intend to put slides, furniture and other stuff around the pool. 7. Choose pool features.

How to Choose Pool Design and Shape 7

Image: Southern Wind Pools There are different pool features that you can add. You can have a fountain, ponds, waterfalls and many others. There are also some items that are made exclusively for the pools like the pool handrails, pool ladders, slides and many others. Now, think of how you want your pool to look like and which of the items you want to add. This will also be needed for your budgeting. 8. Choose outdoor furniture.

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You can get outdoor longues for your pool or you can also provide a seating area where you can also dine. Some people really like to eat near the pool area especially that it feels refreshing to be sitting near the water. Some even place a pergola near the pool where they can put up their own kitchens, bars and dining areas. Well, this goes back to item number one, it again depends on your available space. 9. Choose pool styles.

How to Choose Pool Design and Shape 9

Image: Southern Wind Pools For this part, you can do your assignment to look for the different types of pools and various designs, too. We will be featuring that soon here. So, after you have looked into all the items above, the last thing you will do is choose your pool type and pool design. You can contact experts in your area since they know what is best for your pool. 10. Make it safe.

How to Choose Pool Design and Shape 10

If you have kids and babies at home, it is important that you make sure that swimming for them will be safe. But even if there are no kids, you should still see to it that everyone using it observe safety pool rules. When kids are swimming, someone must be watching them. Do not let them go near the drains, too. Do not bring glass or anything breakable in the pool especially with kids around. If possible, you can place a fence around your pool and even alarms if someone intends to use it without your permission. In some areas, fences and alarms are really required to minimize accidents. We hope that the tips we had above will help you to decide on the pool design you want. You have to make sure the safety is always considered since there had been lots of recorded pool drowning due to irresponsibility. Ask experts on what you need to do to ensure safety in your pool. Also, check on your local building code on what needs to be done when constructing a pool. You can also look into some Points to Consider in Designing a Totally Amusing Pool.

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