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A swimming pool should be an inviting oasis that welcomes you to stop and admire its beauty while simultaneously beckoning you to jump right in. It is typically a place for recreation and rest which used to be available for public use only until people decided to have one in their own homes. It can somehow be costly, but the happiness and fun the owners and their friends get from them is priceless. Pools come in different sizes and shapes, depending of course with the budget and the need the owner have. Homeowners usually copy or recreate the look of the swimming pool from the resort that they have visited at some point in their life. They like to recreate it especially when they have fun memories in them. Who wouldn’t want to have that same pool in your backyard right? Today, we have a list of 15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs which can serve as inspiration for you guys out there who are planning on having one for your own. Cat Mountain Residence

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 1

Image: Cornerstone Architects The overall floor plan design centers on maximizing the views, while extensive glazing is carefully placed to frame and enhance them. You will be amazed at how the pool looks great with it being connected to the house and a covered patio. Compound in the Dunes

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 2

Image: Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects This louvered pool house is pretty simple and really modern. The color of the structure complements how the sky plays with the color of the water in the swimming pool. Herron Residence

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 3

Image: Michael Lee Architects We like the proximity of the pool to house. A deeper overhang to protect swimmers from sun. Lounges on the outside of pool for sun worshipers. Highland Park

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 4

Image: Platinum Pools The windows of the swimming pool house beside this gorgeous pool and Jacuzzi is really interesting. It looks like the windows you will typically find in tropical countries. Lima Residence

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 5

Image: Abramson Teiger Architects Straight and sleek lines. This pool’s clean, simple lines mimic the architecture of the home without overpowering its style. Small grassy spaces in a minimalist design add to the modern look. Lookout Residence

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 6

Image: Bertram Architects Modern architecture paired with fab swimming pool layout – this home is definitely stunning, thanks to the astounding lay-out. Los Angeles Modern Exterior

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 7

Image: Burdge & Associated Architects This home has clean and sleek lines that use beautiful materials that connects to the swimming pool area. The covered patio and the greens look great with the material for the walls. Los Angeles Pool

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 8

Image: William Hefner Studio This may be the best time to take photos of this California home. Dusk brings out the reflection of the house to the pool and still remains as stunning as it is. This infinity pool is blessed to have great lighting and different textures around it. Menlo Park Residence

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 9

Image: Dumican Mosey Architects If you don’t have a view, then create your own. The architecture of the home, the ball sculptures and the pool are all absolutely beautiful surroundings for this simple deck in a courtyard-style home. Pecos Pool

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 10

Image: Hugh Randolph Architects Pools are often the reason for using the L-shape concept. Living and sleeping spaces are allowed direct access and views, and the pool is protected and made private by the configuration of the home. Saratoga Creek House

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 11

Image: WA Design The pool above has a black Pebble Tec finish that gives the pool water an elegant, dark blue look. But notice how it complements the light colored flooring and walls close to it. Works all the time! Split Oaks Farm Poolhouse

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 12

Image: LDa Architecture & Interiors Just by looking at the shape of the roof, you can say that it has a bit of an Asian touch which is great because it looks refreshing to the eyes and the play of colors of the interior is nice too. Swimming Pools Chicago

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 13

Image: Platinum Pools This Chicago is definitely a huge home with a stunning swimming pool – layout and all; and the design of the pool house is rather simple but real pretty. Villa

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 14

Image: Dror Barda Architects We love how this decking makes the entire exterior of this home look incredibly modern and sophisticated. The lighting is really stunning! Zen

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs 15

Image: Pool Environments According to the designers, the modern lines and materials continue the design sense of the home’s interior. This was done to mimic the high end boutique hotels the homeowners frequent in their travels. If and when you decide to construct a swimming pool in your backyard, the photos we have shown above may be a source of inspiration for you guys! The list of 15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs is but a few of the sample homes with great swimming pools and some simple to fabulous homes with these water features. We hoped you have found this article interesting. And by the way, you can also check How to Choose Swimming Pool Tiles for some tips on how you can get the right pool tiles.

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