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A swimming pool is already a thing of beauty. It is a house feature that everyone loves because of the satisfaction it can give the homeowners if we talk about visual appeal and physical contentment since it can be a good area for exercise too. But a pool would look boring if you do not adorn it with accessories and if you do not surround it with a beautiful deck. Swimming pool decks can greatly affect the look of the entire outdoor area. You will surely agree with us once you see the pictures below. What we have gathered today are swimming pool decks that used hardwood as flooring. Take a look at how dashing they all look using that material! Simbithi 06

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 1

Image: LevEco Architects The wooden deck sure is lovely but it is even enhanced with the furniture on it and of course the swimming pool! Pool Deck Exterior

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 2

Image: Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech Imagine the feel of the hardwood under your feet- isn’t it relaxing? Add the splash of water from the pool to that! Summit House

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 3

Image: SBT Designs A home that offers a private sanctuary in a courtyard with swimming pool. Aside from the amazing outdoor landscape, the view from the area is also stunning. Hillside Home

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 4

Image: Soul Space Different levels in this house create a lovely sight. The swimming pool lights make it look more dramatic plus the wooden pool deck. California Sustainable Home

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 5

Image: Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture The smooth looking wood deck is adopted even for the flooring of the house. The layout as well as the outdoor furniture is no doubt well designed. This is indeed a pleasant view! Chill Out

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 6

Image: Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes “Chill out” would surely be the words you will utter once you get into this pool with a lovely wooden deck with relaxing wicker chairs. Plants were also cleverly arranged in it. Key West Contemporary

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 7

Image: Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture Steel blue color of the water is the result of the tiles in it which was imported from Bali. The combination of concrete and wood for the decking as well as its brilliant design is indeed impressive. Pool with Mosaic Wall and Fountain

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 8

Image: Bonick Landscaping A simple and striking pool with mosaic tiles on the wall. The use of green and blue green in this pool area paired with the wooden sundeck creates a serene environment. Newport Coast Residence, CA

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 9

Image: Integration Design Studio, Landscape Architects The wooden flooring material from IPE wood creates a stunning pool deck especially with the lounge chairs on it. Balaclava Road Project

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 10

Image: C.O.S Design Slender Weaver Bamboo hedges looks perfect for this pool. The hedges paired well with the wooden deck as well as the lights on the pool. 2012 Parade Home #7

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 11

Image: Adam Wilson Custom Homes The house design is breathtaking but with the pool around, it looks even more appealing. The pool used dark grey plaster surrounded by wooden decking. Los Alamos Home

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 12

Image: Drammer Construction, Inc. The pool has decking made from a 50 year old Red Wood. Isn’t it dashing? Spa Oasis

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 13

Image: Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture A raised lap pool with a water fall is the main feature of this back yard. A lawn on the other side of the pool as well as a wooden deck made it look even more beautiful. Tennyson Point

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 14

Image: CplusC Architectural Workshop This contemporary house largely used wood for its exterior and so the pool deck is also in wood. The material added texture to the house. Fodor House

15 Hardwood Swimming Pool Decks 15

Image: 3AD architect office Cement and wood is combined for the deck of the pool. The raised concrete planter added some greens into the deck. Hardwood deck could add a touch of nature into your pool. It looks softer and lighter to the eyes. It can even make your pool look more inviting. A pool deck’s beauty can be enhanced with some beautiful furniture and plants. The layout of the pool deck would also give it a good impact. Get more pool design inspiration from backyard pool ideas.

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