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A home would always look better when the landscape is good especially for the front yard. The landscape automatically becomes part of the home’s look. It is like a ribbon on top of a wrapped gift wherein the wrapped gift is your house. So, adding a good landscape creates a beautiful outdoor aura and can also make your home look more inviting. But some people worry that landscaping will cost them a lot. Yes, it would if you are eyeing for a sophisticated landscape but a simple one won’t cost you a lot. You can actually do landscaping even if you are low on budget. So today, we have some tips for you on how you can create a good landscape for your home at low cost. 1. Work with what you have.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 1

Look around your yard and check on existing plants and trees. Preserve them. Instead of pulling them out and replace them with another plant or other features, you can save the environment as well as save money if you will just add decors on them. A tree will look good if you place a ring around it and some up lighting. A plant can also be decorated with some stones. Or you can also transfer them on planters if you want to. 2. Plan well.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 2

Good planning is important especially if you are thinking of buying some stuff. Plan everything well before buying and even before you start landscaping to avoid waste of materials, effort and time. You can sketch the landscape design on paper so you will know what you really need. 3. Decide on the design.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 3

What kind of design do you want for your landscape? Are you planning to make it look simple? Do you want a modern landscape or a traditional one? Choosing the kind of design will help you gather what you need first and eventually save money since you already know what you will be using. This means that you are saved from buying stuffs that will not be used. 4. Re-arrange plants.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 4

One way to create a new look in your yard without the need to purchase a lot is to re-arrange your plants. You can create a single-file row of plants along a foundation. You can also arrange them in groups to create divisions in the yard. You can mix and match the type of plants but make sure that you know the characteristic of every plant to ensure that they will grow good together. 5.Use stones.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 5

Gather stones around your yard and use it for decoration. You can paint it like what others do and creatively arrange it. You can place it like a ring around trees and plants or you can line it along the property line. It is just a matter of creativity. 6. Purchase plants in the right time.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 6

Depending on your area, there are some time of the year when plants are a lot cheaper. Most of the time, plants are cheaper when its fall season because nurseries would put them on sale like 50% off. This is also a great time to plant because the plants will develop roots before summer arrives. 7. Check quality when buying.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 7

Not everything that is cheap is good. So when buying, look into the quality because you can actually save more once you buy those with good quality. We are talking about landscaping features like sculptures, water features and others. 8. Look for alternate sources.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 8

Aside from buying plants, you can check on other sources that might give you free seedlings and plants. There are local groups that give these for free in order to encourage planting. This will help you save money. 9. Eye for freebies.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 9

We have mentioned that you can get plants from those organization or even some local government agencies who give away free seedlings. But aside from them, you can also check on demolition sites for these are great sources of stones and bricks that you can use for your garden. But make sure you will ask permission before you get them. Befriend your neighbors too especially those who are also taking care of their lawns. This way, you can share rentals for tillers, chippers, or other heavy equipment. You can even share plants and seedlings. 10. Hire yourself.

10 Money Saving Landscaping Tips 10

Aside from the tips above, doing things on your own can help you save money. But you can always consult professional landscapers or you can do research on the internet about it. See? Just be innovative and you can get a beautiful landscape without spending much. Once your landscape is done, you will surely be happy especially that you need not spend much for it. But make sure that you can maintain your landscape to prolong its beauty.

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