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A great way to set an ambiance in a room is to get a lamp that will set the mood you want. It will instantly illuminate spaces and bring the beauty in any room inside the house. Nowadays, there are a lot of lamps to choose from and floor lamp is one of those. Floor lamps are fashionable and can be used in decorating your home interiors with ease. In today’s article we offer you 15 Modern Floor Lamps that will captivate your meticulous taste. Browse through our wonderful selection of modern lamps and pick ideas that will help you beautify your homes instantly. These modern floor lamp designs were really make your room attractive and spacious. Ike Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 1

Image: Lookboard This floor lamp is sleek and definitely modern in color and style. This is perfect for a modern home or minimalist interiors. Twiggy Colori Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 2

Image: Viaduct A slender floor lamp ideal for a living room or over the table. Prod Tolomeo Mega Black Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 3

Image: Artemide By its adjustable frame, this floor lamp can turn around in all direction to give light and easiness for conventional use. Bel Air Large Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 4

Image: Robert Sonneman This floor lamp is a work of art that brings a striking vibrant existence in an even more contemporary setting. Grand Bend Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 5

Image: Nuevo Living This floor lamp adds up a sense of magnetism because of its long-drawn-out position fitted to the avant-garde interest of a modern era. Abstract Giclee Shade Arc Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 6

Image: Lamp Plus This floor lamp’s modern design of exquisiteness is harmonized by its nifty description. The shade is giclee printed normally found in museums, art galleries and photographic galleries. Abacus Floor Lamp-Mercuryp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 7

Image: Lamp Plus A floor lamp like the counting device that augment space in the room because of its prepossessing quality and function. Hubbardton Forge Metamorphic Contemporary Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 8

Image: Lamp Plus You can elect to choose this floor lamp fit for the lifestyle of modern individuality. Allen Roth 63-in 2-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 9

Image: Allen Roth A floor lamp that is simple and elegant. Torchiere with 2 Reading Light

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 10

Image: Galaxy Lighting This is ideal to be brighten a gauche space of your living room. Dainolite Lighting DM451

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 11

Image: Dainolite Lighting This chic floor lamp put in an exceptional way of renewing your interior decoration. Possini Euro Brushed Steel Moderne Droplet Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 12

Image: Possini Euro Design This floor lamp awakens an exceptional sensation in your most wanted modern-day setting. Modern Gloss Black New York Skyline Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 13

Image: MiniSun If your interior decoration is simple, this is the floor lamp that will ring true to get it rationalized. Excel Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 14

Image: Rich Brilliant Willing Even by its auxiliary and inexpensive design, this floor lamp will give off ease that will shed light in the room. Tripode G5 Floor Lamp

15 Modern Floor Lamp Designs 15

Image: Santa & Cole This floor lamp may be placed indoor-outdoor that gives relaxation in our eyes because of its dimmer wherein you can choose from 3 shades: black, natural white and red. Thus, floor lamps set off an alluring space at home. They are movable; you can place it wherever you like. You may decide on what you really need in keeping with the passion and craze of the modern time. A few may draw on a lamp with up to date modern procession to wobble a conventional interior. With the 15 Modern Floor Lamps featured in this article, hoping you find your own choice of must-haves. You can also check a list of gold floor lamps.

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