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Do you want a dining room design reflecting a sustainable, organic ambiance? Perhaps you want to incorporate an outdoor feel to your room? Then maybe, a rustic style is what you need for your interiors. Rustic interior design is all about nature. It’s about the use of wood, stone, wrought iron, natural fabrics and metals. You could easily create an Eco-friendly environment in an instant using this design. This design is full of texture and depth. It might be limited to neutral colors only but hey, it’s a class on its own. So come on and peruse our collection of soothing and wonderfully designed rustic dining rooms! Susan Fredman

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 1

Image: Susan Fredman Wonderful rustic dining room design that exudes a country and nature feel atmosphere all over the dining place. Woodland Creek Furniture

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 2

Image: Woodland Creek Furniture Airy and bright, the repurposed wood table takes the center stage and keeps that rustic sense while the wiry transparent nature of the table base and chair projects a modern flair. Warmington & North

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 3

Image: Warmington & North The combination of a modern light fixture and rustic wood furniture makes it a rustic chic place to dine. Kitchen And Dining Area

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 4

Image: Chloe Warner A great rustic dining room design that is full of texture and subtle colors! Amazing how the red chairs balance the neutral palette in this home. Stylish Responsibility Dining Area

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 5

Image: Greige/Fluegge Interior Design, Inc. The dark palette in this dining room complements beautifully with the reclaimed round mirrors. Its reflective surfaces allows light to the room. KitchenLab

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 6

Image: Rebekah Zaveloff The combination of different elements and loads of natural light in this rustic dining room design creates an understated eclectic elegance. Lavista Rectangular Formal Dinner Table

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 7

Image: Coaster Home Furnishings Marvelous formal dining set made of hardwood solids and mango veer perfect for a rustic look. Crank Expansion Table

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 8

Image: Napastyle Lavishly rustic, from the stone walls to the dining furniture and decors; it could take you back to the 19th century. Lorraine Vale

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 9

Image: Lorraine Vale The earthy tones of tangerine and natural wood put on an organic dining experience while the crystal chandelier delivers glitz and charm! Dining – Lower Whitefish Lake

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 10

Image: Lands End Development – Designers & Builders We love the snugly-feel this cozy, rustic dining room brings. Urban Rustic Collection

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 11

Image: Wood Land Creek Furniture Bring the rustic atmosphere to your modern home with the use of unique hardwood furniture. Dreamy Whites

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 12

Image: Dreamy Whites The whitewashed farm table works perfectly with mismatched chairs and dining decors and with the shabby chic interiors too! What a pretty combination that has a country and rustic-chic feel! White & Green Cottage Kitchen

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 13

Image: The Virginia House The neutral palette in this home with the addition of some rustic pieces makes an inviting, airy cottage feel. Log Home

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 14

Image: Home Design Elements LLC This is a Jim Barna Log and Timber Home featuring square log walls with rustic timbers covering this room. The combination of the wooden furniture and modern decor creates a rustic feel with modern flair. Antique Trestle Dining Table

15 Rustic Dining Room Designs 15

Image: Wood Land Creek Furniture Lovely splashes of muted colors that is sure to bring eclectic, shabby chic and rustic aesthetic into a gorgeous dining room design. We hope you enjoyed browsing through our lovely rustic dining room designs. Going rustic, incorporating modernism or different finds you got in conjunction with your own personal style is a sure a unique blend of design. You can definitely create your own classy style of rustic-modern dining room design just by using wood in your furniture, adding textures and interesting modern decors. Or you could go for a snugly ambiance with rustic-shabby chic style. Use country or shabby chic colors for your interiors and combined it with a one of kind rustic furniture. Either way, it will sure to give you an organic dining experience. It will create an inviting and relaxing vibe that will definitely make you forget the busy life in the city.

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