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Modern design is straightforward. It does not follow any standard ideas and even go beyond it. It is more focused on form and function rather than artistry. The designs are defined by its function. It embraces simplicity and clarity. Modern designs create a very unique statement and have won the hearts of many. It has emerged to break away from traditional aesthetics and is bolder on its own. Here are 15 modern dining room designs for you. Discover and enjoy the photos as you browse through it and get inspiration to create your own modern dining room. Time to go sleek and love modernism with these amazing designs! 838/839

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 1

Image: Tonon The warm tones blended together to achieve an earthy appeal while the furniture keep the modern flair. A Simple Dining Area

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 2

Image: 14raikerie Bright and light! The glass wall let natural light in and creates a progressive effect as if your modern dining space extends to your backyard. Kitchen and Lounge 1

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 3

Image: Happy Irena The color contrast and glossy finish materials used in this design make an elegant appeal. Camino Santander

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 4

Image: R Brant Design The light fixtures make this modern room instant fun to dine. Clear Glass Extendable Table

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 5

Image: Modern Euro Design The brown chairs make the room pop against the glass table while keeping the interiors in neutral. Kitchen and Lounge 2

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 6

Image: Happy Irena Textures and neutral colors speak boldly in this modern room design. Thompson Residences Penthouse Suite

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 7

Image: Nest Design Studio Feel the comfort with those modern dining furniture and dine in elegance with the calm tone all over the place. Dining Area

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 8

Image: Agda The chunks of white on that modern furniture make a crisp and light dining space for the family. Kitchen and Lounge 3

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 9

Image: Happy Irena Don’t you just love the sophistication in this modern dining room design? Interior (Living, Family Room, Dining Area)

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 10

Image: Nayve Contrasts abound: wooden table vs manmade chairs, cool tones vs warm tones. All blended perfectly without compromising the modern look. Woodwards

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 11

Image: Sublime Interior Design Clean lines defined modern design. We love the simplicity and elegance on this modern dining room. Kitchen, Dining & Living

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 12

Image: vhchenq White and black are indeed the colors of modern design. It makes this room standout in modernism. Kitchen

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 13

Image: Rusuruslan This neutral modern dining room was made more astonishing with the hints of lime on the cushion chairs. Abramson Teiger Lima Residence

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 14

Image: Abramson Teiger Architects The structured modern furniture looks outrageous against the wooden table. Residential

15 Modern Dining Room Designs 15

Image: Lee Design and Interiors The use of bright lively colors makes the white interiors of this modern dining room exciting and fun! We hope you enjoyed browsing through our elegant and sophisticated modern designs. Getting futuristic, incorporating modernism in conjunction with your own personal style is a sure fun. You can definitely create your own unique modern dining room design just by mixing and matching colors, textures and interesting modern furnishings. You could also use the designs you have seen here and add your personal touch. Make sure that you do not compromise comfort with aesthetics and in modern designs “form follows function”. You may also want to see Modern Minimalist Dining Rooms if you like a modern yet minimal look for your dining area.

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