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The dining room is one of the home’s area that is mostly utilized. Family and friends would gather in it for meals and even snacks. Mere chit chats and board games can also be done in the dining room. That is why, it should also be well-designed like the other areas of the house. So, today, we will showcase to you some dining rooms which has exposed beams on the ceiling. We have already shown you a list of living rooms and bedrooms with exposed beams. This time, we will give you ideas on how it can be applied to dining areas. You will be able to see various treatments and approaches depending on the kind of interior design homeowners choose to have. Scroll down and check out the list we have below: River Road Cottage

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 1

Image: Sullivan Building & Design Group A home library and dining room in one- great combination right? The custom skylight detail is a good feature including the exposed beams. Custom European Eatin Kitchen

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 2

Image: Jason Arnold Interiors The beams added beauty to this European eat-in kitchen. Eat-in kitchens are a combination of a dining area and a kitchen which is suitable for homes with small spaces. Although, even bigger homes also has eat-in kitchens. The Gatehouse

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 3

Image: Murphy & Co. Design A classic eclectic dining area situated near a window positioned for morning light. The beams added a rustic touch the house. Lum Modern

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 4

Image: John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA A modern dining area can also look great with exposed wooden beams like this one. Valley Center House

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 5

Image: Daly Genik A dining room with high ceilings in a contemporary style as white steel beams and wooden joints on the roof. We Like to Eat!

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 6

Image: Mindi Freng Designs A modern dining room that has a repurposed dining table from a bowling alley lane. The beams were wrapped in scrap walnut flooring. Project 13

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 7

Image: Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc. The design of this dining area is dashing! Exposed beams, brick walls and the fusion of classic and modern concepts made it all look great. Ed Ritger Dining Design

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 8

Image: Ed Ritger Photography The chairs in this dining area are a vintage mix and match with a white detail around the tops. Like the previous interior, this one also has exposed beams and brick walls. Mastro Residence

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 9

Image: James Glover Residential & Interior Design The chandelier as well as the other lightings installed on the exposed beams brings in elegance to this space. Lake Travis Residence

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 10

Image: Design Visions of Austin This space is a true beauty. The combination of materials in in it is very impressive to sum up a contemporary home interior. Dining Joel

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 11

Image: Joel Snayd Old recycled beams were added to the space to create interest and natural divisions to the areas of the house. Brick Wall Studio Apartment

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 12

Image: Stephan Jaklitsch An industrial interior for an apartment with brick walls. The rest of the items in the house including the pendant lights were all industrial inspired. The exposed beams looked perfect in it. Envisage Dining Interior

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 13

Image: Envisage Interiors A modern space that has a mezzanine and use natural color palette. The pendant light expanded from the exposed beams is love. Eclectic Interior

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 14

Image: Reiko Feng Shui Interior Design This eclectic space deserves an applause. The design is well thought of with the lovely combination of materials and furniture. It even has exposed beams for the entire ceiling. Traditional Moroccan Twist

15 Dining Rooms with Exposed Beams 15

Image: JJ Locations A modern interior with a traditional Moroccan twist. It has a unique wooden beam because instead of using rectangular ones, it used the round branch or trunk of smaller trees. Exposed beams can really have big impact to a home’s interior. It can be added in a subtle manner or it can also be placed on the entire ceiling. There are also different manner of placing them like the ones you have seen on the picture. If you want to have a good ceiling design, you can check on our tips in designing ceilings for your home.

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