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Most of the time, you would see benches on parks or even in picnics but these days, benches are not just for outdoor use. It can even be a perfect accent furniture in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. What makes benches good is that they are slim and could save spaces. So if your space is small, getting a bench is a good idea. Adding a bench to the dining room will not just give your space an eclectic appeal but it can also allow group seating which is best for homeowners who expect guests most of the time. You can actually either get a bench that matches the rest of the furniture or you can add something that has a different design. But most of the time, the bench would pop out from the other dining chairs. Check out some dining areas that used bench as an additional seating. Miller’s Meadow Farm

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 1

Image: LDa Architecture & Interiors This eclectic dining area certainly looked gorgeous and fashionable at the same time. The combination of a red bench to the other dining chairs is one good way to enhance its eclectic appeal. Look at the stacked drawers on the corner. Isn’t it a creative decor and storage at the same time? South Clark Avenue

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 2

Image: Elevation Architects The table and bench from Urban Hardwoods in San Francisco upgraded the look of this industrial dining area. The light is also an eye candy not just with its colors but also with its design. Southampton Moroccan

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 3

Image: Laura U, Inc. Notice the intricate details that you see everywhere in this room from the columns to the furniture. Even the bench has lovely polka dot patterns in it. Bright & Bold Kitchen

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 4

Image: Karen Garlanger Designs, LLC The wall painting draws your eyes to the wall as well as to the bench with pillows of varying colors and designs. Waldrum Residence

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 5

Image: Intexure Architects A 30″ high dining table sits like a table fit for a king. The benches were designed like little versions of the table’s design. Sydney Living

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 6

Image: Dean Herald The simple design of these benches looked right in this area with a cantilevered table. Dining Room Metro Traditional

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 7

Image: Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech Bench seating can also be used at the end which can unobstruct the view to that side of the room. Weitz Dining Room

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 8

Image: AMW Design Studio The bench with nail head details is a lovely addition to this dining room. The Bryant Large Billiard Light above it also adds a soothing touch to the space. Dining Room Toronto

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 9

Image: Sage Design Studio Inc. The transparent Tobias Chairs are beautiful but the striped bench is an attractive piece in this dining area. Upper West Side Combo

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 10

Image: StudioLAB, LLC This is indeed a space-saver. Integrating a bench to one side of a wall doesn’t just add beauty to the room but also gives you more space to use for storage on the bottom part and even around the bench’s wall. Dining Room Portland

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 11

Image: Emerick Architects Instead of placing just one lone bench, you can also use two benches on both sides of the table. Garneau Residence

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 12

Image: James Glover Residential & Interior Design The light is unique and fashionable! It is an eye candy for this dining space but draw your eyes to the wooden bench who sits humbly on one side of the table. Caloosa Ave. Residence

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 13

Image: Benson & Associates A blue bench adds a pop of color in this contemporary dining area. Bridge House

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 14

Image: Sorensen Architects Placing two benches side by side is a good ideas for group seating. It also allows the guests to have an unobstructed view to the garden outside while dining. Contemporary Condo

15 Dining Rooms with Benches 15

Image: About:Space, LLC The combination of black and wooden is no doubt beautiful. Just look at this black bench paired with a wooden table if you are not convinced of their combo! Benches can indeed look perfect in a dining room especially if you expect guests most of the time and if you have a little space for the area. It can also give your dining area a different appeal. But if you don’t want to use benches, you can always stick with the usual dining chairs. Try adding a pop of colors in your dining area with multi-colored dining chairs or you can also stick with one color if you want to.

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