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Want to bring in the cool waves from the ocean waters to your home? How about the roughness of the sand? Or maybe the beauty of the shells? Well, you can actually do that. There are homes that have beach styles in their interior and they do that for the whole house. But there are also others who prefer to just select a room or space and give it a beachy feel. Most of the time it could be the bedroom or living room but to tell you, even the dining room can get that look. You will be seeing 15 dining rooms which are beach themed today. The beachy look was attained in so many different ways like by adding beach themed decors or by using wooden chairs or even wicker furniture. Well, we really don’t have to tell you everything here because the images you are about to see will tell you all the things you want to know about how to get a beach themed dining room. Come take a peek! 111 Cypress Walk Santa Rosa Beach, FL

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 1

Image: Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography Nothing could be more perfect than chairs like this for a beach style dining area. And take a look at the chandelier! Isn’t it very charming? Waterfront Retreat

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 2

Image: Bruce Palmer Interior Design The blue patterns on the cushions of these dining chairs are really beautiful and complete that beach feel. Harvey Cedars

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 3

Image: Serenity Design Blue and white chairs arranged alternately were gems in this dining room. This beach style space also has shabby chic touches from the table and centerpiece. Mastro Residence

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 4

Image: James Glover Residential & Interior Design The chandelier has an industrial style but does bring out the beachy appeal of this space especially with the combination of rust beams, black dining set and seat covers. Manhattan Beach Home

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 5

Image: Wendy Resin Interiors The centerpiece of a bunch of flowers and the large candle holders were nice accents to this dining room where you can also see a Blue Glass Chandelier, Peter Dunham Fabric on Drapery and an Antique Persian Rug. Muskoka Cottage

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 6

Image: Paul Roth Architect Inc. Once you are in a setting like this, you could really feel nature near you because of the colors in this interior. Coastal Charm

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 7

Image: Sterling Huddleson Architecture The designer defines this as an open space for a coastal home to make easy and comfortable living. The rattan chairs are just pretty! Plantingfield Way

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 8

Image: Patrick Ahearn Architect This eclectic beach style dining area is one space that shows how experimentation in material and decor combinations can actually turn out as a winner! 1301 Panferio

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 9

Image: Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography Aside from being located near the beach, this dining area has adopted the beauty of the waters as it brings in blue touches for the bowls, wicker chairs and other wooden accents. Screen Porch

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 10

Image: Dream Weaver Building & Remodeling Mismatched chairs looks great on this space and its look would really remind us of the beach just like the candle holders and the pendant lights. Contemporary Beach House

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 11

Image: Lori Dennis, Inc. Clean and astonishing- this is how we can describe this space that combines contemporary and beach design. Stone Harbor, NJ

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 12

Image: Annie M. Design Beach decors are obviously seen here just like the giant fish and the sea shells. But the dining set is a contemporary design that fitted well to the interior. CA Beach Home

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 13

Image: Laura Kehoe Design The table from Restoration Hardware was a perfect choice for this beach eclectic style dining room. You can also see here a built-in bench for the dining table. Vanderbilt Beach Renovation

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 14

Image: Laura Miller We love how luxury and sophistication is spelled through this dining area! Just look at the chair design, wall decor, center piece and all the other features of this space! Blue Seas

15 Beach Themed Dining Room Ideas 15

Image: Colin Cadle Photography A marine home has a stylish beach style reflected on what you can see in this dining space. Can you tell us the nautical and beach decors you can find? Isn’t it fun to decorate your dining room with a beach theme? Adding some beach decors like shells, fishes or even paintings of the beach can already be good additions to the space. You can also see how the chandelier or pendant lights added style to the dining areas above. After seeing the designs above, you might be inspired to create a dining area with the said theme like the one you can see above. That would indeed be lovely! Need more beach themed inspirations? Why don’t you check our beach themed living room designs.

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