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The dining area most of the time does not really occupy a large space in one’s home since it would basically comprise of the dining table and dining chairs. But dining rooms are significant because it is where we dine to eat healthy and delicious food. Aside from that, it can also be an area where family and friends can bond through conversations or some other tasks that you can do in the dining area. Being an important part of one’s home, the dining area is also designed and decorated well. As a matter of fact, there are different dining room color schemes that you can use. The color of your dining room will greatly depend on your personal taste and likes. You can actually get whatever type of dining area you want and choose from various dining room color schemes. Amazingly, whatever you choose will work well as long as you design it smartly. So, today, we will give you 15 dining room color schemes so you can get inspiration on how to play with colors in the dining room. Repressed Brown

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 1

Image: Karina Efimova Some may think that brown look boring but if you make good use of it by adding some accents like the zebra print carpet, your dining room will look stunning. Calming Blue

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 2

Image: Benjamin Moore Love blue? Then this blue walled dining room would be perfect for you. Add some white furniture or even blue colored furniture and your dining room will look cool and calm. Purple Elegance

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 3

Image: Andrew Ivanchenko Purple can also look great for the dining area. Look at how this dining room was designed with purple chairs and purple accents on the wall cabinets. Black with Pops of Color

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 4

Image: Alexander Rashkovsky The designer might have thought of getting a black dining room but also wanted to add some colorful touches. They decided to combine them through the dining seats. It looked great that way! Homey Woody Orange

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 5

Image: 3dJuanaBee Subtle orange shades for the walls made this dining area look cozier and homier. The addition of wooden furniture and some nature-inspired touches completed its homey look. Luxurious Gold

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 6

Image: Karina Efimova Gold always looked elegant and luxurious but with a dining room in vintage design, gold will make it look like a dining room for a queen. Earthy Tones

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 7

Image: Musterring How about using earth tones for the dining room? In most cases, this color scheme works well since it can fit in whatever type of environment whether your room is big or small. Black and White Combi

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 8

Image: Huelsta Using black and white is a safe color for the dining area. You can use it in your dining set or even in different areas of the dining room. Lime Green

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 9

Image: Roman Gurbich A lime green interior always looked light and cool to the eyes. When used for the dining area, it would give the diners a good aura of calmness. Rainbow Twist

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 10

Image: Musterring Give your dining room burst of colors like how the designer did in this dining area. The colorful chairs did the work well giving a fun and lively impact. Flaming Red

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 11

Image: Roman Gurbich Stunningly red walls in damask patterns looked strong and bold for this dining area especially that the furniture used were also intricately designed. Neat and White

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 12

Image: Svetlana Nezus Get a neat dining area using white in its walls, furniture and other items. But you can also add some pops of colors in some parts of it if you want to avoid the monotone of colors. Chic Pink

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 13

Image: Muttering Pink walls are just lovely especially if you want to get a chic kitchen with more feminine touches. It looked softer with the carpet underneath and the wall painting with pink touches. Sunny Sophistication

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 14

Image: ForevaloneJackk Check out this dining area using yellow, gold and beige. Isn’t it dashing and sophisticated? Try using this color scheme and you’ll be mighty glad. Blue Violet Royale

15 Admirable Dining Room Color Schemes 15

Image: Svetlana Nezus A blue violet dining area using the color not just for the seats but also for the floor tile design as well as the marble top. Did you see your favorite color in the dining rooms we have featured? If not, you can still design it on your own using the above samples as guide. Check on how they used the colors and how it was scattered around the dining area. Doing this will draw the eyes of the viewers all around the room. There are also different dining room paint ideas that can guide you on what to paint to use for your dining area.

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