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Yoshiaki Yamashita has completed a house on a corner plot in japan, which relies on a shoji screen to illuminate its interior. located in osaka city, the plot measures just 66 square meters and is found at the bottom of a long alleyway. to the south, an existing stone wall rises over four meters in height, while the other three edges border a large three storey building.

project info:

location: osaka, japan
type: 1 storey residential property (with mezzanine)
structure: wooden
site area: 66.06 sqm
total area: 55.70 sqm

yoshiaki yamashita architect & associates: yoshiaki yamashita, kento morita
structural engineer: yoshiki mondo

construction: egawa kenchiku (person in charge: yohichi egawa)
photography: eiji tomita

japanese architect yoshiaki yamashita first suggested incorporating the stone wall as part of the design, but the client instead preferred a self-contained design that offered a maximum amount of privacy. the house is entered through a secluded corridor that runs parallel to the existing wall. this glazed entrance brings light and a degree of nature into the design, before encountering the home’s primary living accommodation.

as there are no windows on the two façades facing the street, illumination is primarily provided by a large shoji screen. this method filters daylight inside the property, while ensuring privacy and omitting unsightly views. at night, the silhouette of bamboo planted outside the home appears on the screen. a square window at the home’s upper level also uses japanese paper in the same way.

yoshiaki yamashita uses a giant shoji screen to illuminate osaka house

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