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For people who like music and everything there is to it is interested in getting some of the things we will be showing you today. The list we have covers contemporary to modern and even some traditional and vintage archetypes when it comes to accents or designs made available to us by manufacturers and designers for us to consider putting into our own bedrooms which are related to music. The next pictures we have below are of 15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms which either for the inner musician in you or for your teenagers at home. The designs range from real musical instruments or sheet music; music-related decals to accents that add beauty and fun to any bedroom. Check out the photos we have below and have fun! Atlanta Bedroom

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 1

Image: Anita Roll Designer & Decorative Artist Anita Roll painted this oversized electric guitar for the owner’s son to add a fun element into this Atlanta bedroom. Beatles Room

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 2

Image: Jim Weinberg Lifestyles The way the curtains were made into something more of a wall decor is a good move, although it could be a source of tons of laundry! But the space is masculine a tad bit because of the dark colored furniture and the addition of the drum set. Classic Guy’s Bedroom

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 3

Image: PB Teen PB Teen’s showcase of wonderful bed sheets is awesome! This room was created for pictorial purposes, but we still love it as it is! Fun and vintage, all in one! Contemporary Model Home

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 4

Image: Design InSite There may be minimal musical instrument in this room, but the addition of framed album covers in this bedroom makes it all collector-ish. Jacksonville Bedroom

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 5

Image: Troy Spurlin Interiors This is definitely one bedroom our brothers would love to be in! Skateboards, collector toys, guitars and an amplifier complete this guy’s bedroom! Did we mention we love the Mickey Mouse lamps too? Musical Notes Bedroom Decal

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 6

Image: Judith Trading Store Online shops are great sources for items we rarely see in our local stores. The artsy decals of a guitar and a headset by the headboard are touch we enjoy seeing along with the tiny records and the real guitars! Residential 1

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 7

Image: Liliana di Lorenzo Interiorismo Album covers and posters of artists completed the look and feel of this eclectic and rather homey loft. At one glance, it even looks like some struggling musician lives in here like something we see in movies and sitcoms. Rock Star Over Bed

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 8

Image: The Cavender Diary If you are a fan of vintage and industrial items, we know that you’ll love these illuminated letters read as ROCK STAR which was specially made to look weathered and rustic. School of Musical Murals Bedroom Design

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 9

Image: Wallmurals Gallery Murals in silhouettes like these are nice because they are simple and pretty much easy to replace if ever you get tired of it. Black and white murals are definitely favorites! Arden Show Home in Evans Ridge

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 10

Image: Excel Homes This Calgary transitional bedroom is one simple space someone can spend his or her musical moments. The wall decals show how inclined the owner is to music. Note that the client plays the violin. Boston Guest Suite

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 11

Image: Charlie Allen Renovations Along one wall, we introduced dramatic shelving for books, photos, and display of the homeowner’s musical instruments (the suite also serves as a music room for the family when guests are not in.) Music Audio Headphones Sign Words

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 12

Image: Kulemina55 “Music is what feelings sound like.” This quote should mean a lot you if you place it as a decorative item in your personal space. Plain walls and black, white and grey color scheme makes this space contemporarily lovely. Musician’s Music Row Condo in Nashville

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 13

Image: The Decorologist Another contemporary bedroom designed for another musically-inclined person. Simple design, stunning color scheme and lovely window treatment. Santa Teresita

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 14

Image: Lori Smyth Design This room expresses his creativity and musical inclinations without feeling too kitschy: An electric keyboard leans against a Bob Marley poster, and an electrical guitar and a yellow lounger are within arm’s distance of each other. Stunning Music Themed Bedroom

15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms 15

Image: HGTV If you notice the hug picture of the popular pose The Beatles did way back, you’ll know that the owner of this bedroom is a fanatic! The list of the 15 Interesting Music Themed Bedrooms is one list a themed bedroom should look like – simple and straight to the point. You incorporate what you want to see inside the your room and make sure that people get what you mean by adding these items; just like the list we have about the 15 Stunning Bedrooms with Swing Chairs we just posted recently, check it out!

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