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Concrete steps are widely used for the outdoors because it is durable, easy to maintain and versatile. A lot of designers prefer the use of concrete for the exterior because you can do mostly anything to it like painting, staining, applying tiles or even shape it this way and that and provides designers with the opportunity to incorporate the environment to the design. They also last long and cost-efficient and easy to blend to the external style and concept for landscaping. For this article, we are featuring 15 Exterior Concrete Stairways with various designs and concepts. Concrete exterior steps are often utilized to boost and compliment the landscape and exterior façade of the house. They also add value and elegance to the home. So, take time in choosing what you like best and have fun while you check out this article. Saratoga Estate

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 1

Image: Kikuchi and Associates This grand exterior Mediterranean inspired staircase is designed for a home, the Saratoga Estate. The light brown brick pattern courtyard and paving stones with varying colours and tiled staircase gives it a Spanish look that matches the Estate. Santa Monica Canyon Residence

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 2

Image: Griffin Enright Architects The concrete steps with metal railing, gravel landscape, a fire pit combined with soft lighting on the exterior in this home adds a modern look to the place. It is simple yet edgy. Russian Hill Residence

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 3

Image: Charlie Barnett Associates The exterior concrete steps in this home, The Russian Hill Residence complete the whole look of the home. It is a perfect blend where contemporary meets modern. Leasure Residence

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 4

Image: Loop Design The whole look of this house is equipped with different styles. The modern pool, stone patio and the concrete stairs outside the wall is simple yet gives an edge of elegance to the home. Wild Oak

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 5

Image: Leanarch Architecture Everything on the exterior of this home screams modern, yet exquisite. The concrete cement patio, concrete stairs and metal railings, the pool, everything is modern inspired and simple yet beautiful. Bullnose Concrete Steps with Stained Porch

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 6

Image: Klein’s Lawn and Landscaping Inc. The brown concrete steps in this home blends with the whole house, it is simple yet fetching. Isn’t it nice? Grounded- Modern Landscape Architecture

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 7

Image: Grounded- Richard Risner RLA, ASLA The concrete and wood deck of this modern patio is another simple yet beautiful exterior landscape. Classic Modern Mix

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 8

Image: Ag- Trac Enterprises The long concrete steps that leads up to the fire table and dining area on this patio is somehow perfect for a traditional yet modern landscape design. The Logan Residence

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 9

Image: The Construction Zone, Ltd. This is an exterior of a home designed for a contemporary artist. The floating treads, concrete patio steps and metal handrail give it an edge of modern in a contemporary place. Presidio Heights Pueblo Revival

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 10

Image: Gast Architects The totality of this patio implies relaxation and lounging. The furniture, soft and subtle colour of the steps, the colour scheme and the outdoor lighting is simple yet relaxing. Battaglia Construction Stonework: Stairs

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 11

Image: Battaglia Construction This beautiful stone walkway on the entrance of this home just blends with the exterior and gives it a bit of a Mediterranean look. Large Blocks for Concrete Steps

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 12

Image: Redi-Rock International This concrete steps with large blocks in neutral colours looks rough but beautiful. Perfect for landscaping and exterior designs for a traditional feel to the landscape. Boulder Contemporary

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 13

Image: 186 Lighting Design Group- Gregg Mackell The beauty of this concrete contemporary stair design is credited to the LED light underneath the treads that glows at night giving a “floating” effect. Perfect for homes that have a dark exterior so that you can watch your steps and not tumble down. Modern Cardiff

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 14

Image: The Brown Studio The cool exterior combined with those concrete steps with clean lines and landscape gives away to everything modern in this home. It is another simple, yet beautiful exterior design that compliments the whole house. Santa Ynez House

15 Concrete Exterior Staircase Design 15

Image: Fernau & Hartman Architects This exterior concrete steps in the home designed by Fernau and Hartman Architects completes the whole look of this home. The exterior stairs has a wall separating the home, soft lights and handrails. As you have seen above, those exterior concrete steps really is a big help in providing beauty to a home. Some are quite simple but still manages to compliment the entire look of the house. The steps might be simple, but it blends into the landscape. It’s not just for everyday use, it also adds beauty. You can also take a look at concrete interior staircase designs.

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